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Spanish School in Barcelona

Barcelona – the very name brings to mind the thought of a café con leche in one of the many cafes in the Plaza Catalunya, a fruity sangria on the beach and sun rays on the skin. Barcelona combines a Mediterranean climate, a fine sandy beach, numerous bars and pubs, Catalan delicacies and nice young people from around the world. Without doubt, Barcelona is a fascinating city with a very special charm – just the place where you would want to have a Spanish language course.
The lively city by the sea has the right offer for every taste, including a range of Spanish courses. In addition to a mix of varied nightlife and different museums and sights, Barcelona became known internationally primarily as a result of its extraordinary architecture. Architect Antoni Gaudi significantly influenced the Catalan capital: from the Parc Guell and the fascinating cathedral “Sagrada Familia” to the many large and small structures that can be found throughout Barcelona and which are best discovered on a city tour during a Spanish study abroad program.
In our school in Barcelona Spanish language courses are offered in a natural environment. Book one of our wonderful programs in Barcelona and discover the treasures of the city. Our courses in Barcelona are diverse and we offer something suitable for everyone, whether you would like to take a 2-week Spanish course during the summer holidays, an exam course or an intensive course, Barcelona has a course to suit you. Why not get to know this beautiful, vibrant city on the Mediterranean coast and improve your language skills during one of our unforgettable Spanish language courses in Barcelona.
Our school is located in the heart of this vibrant and exciting city. This is a perfect place for those interested in Spain’s culture and if you want to experience the way of life directly.
In the area around our Spanish school there are also many of the city’s key places of interest and attractions. The Ramblas and Barcelona’s bustling shopping area are both not far away. Many tapas bars, shops, boutiques, record stores and much more can be found near the school. No matter how busy it gets in the streets of Barcelona, you can find the tranquility required for learning in our Spanish school. The modern furnishing is designed to create a relaxed and effective learning atmosphere.
An overview of the facilities in our Barcelona school:
  • 7 bright, modern classrooms with air conditioning
  • Lounge with drinks machine
  • Common room for studying and relaxing
  • Computer room with Internet access
  • Free rental of Spanish books
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