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English School in New York

New York is the beating heart of America, with skyscrapers, thousands of honking yellow cabs and more than seven million inhabitants. In the land opportunity, New York is the superstar. In the legendary “city that never sleeps”, it really is a waste to spend time sleeping, and every visitor will be continuously amazed by the place. Even for New Yorkers, non-stop sightseeing is a favorite activity.
Whether you are interested in seeing classics such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty and Staten Island or the countless famous districts from Chinatown and Little Italy to Soho, all of these highlights can be discovered in the Big Apple. Even those who normally show no interest in art and culture can hardly resist the pull of the art galleries, theaters and show palaces of New York. And of course you can always find a nice quiet spot in Central Park to escape the noise of the traffic.
In such an environment, learning English becomes almost effortless. In addition, your learning is not limited to the lesson content alone – it continues as you talk to fellow students and locals, in a restaurant or a museum. Practising your English outside of class also helps to further increase your confidence with the language, and can help consolidate your knowledge.
Not only does our English school in New York offer an excellent location, but also first-class education. You can choose the intensity of your English course: select a standard or intensive course, depending on which best suits your goals and preferences. But whichever option you choose, the Big Apple will amaze you.
Our school in New York is centrally located, in Manhattan. It is located in the heart of Manhattan, 5 minutes on foot from 28th Street and 23rd Street subway stations. 5th Avenue is just a few blocks away, as is the Empire State Building and the many theaters on Broadway. Madison Square Garden and Times Square are also not far away, as are many other attractions and major subway lines. It has:
  • Reception
  • 12 comfortable classrooms
  • Computer room with high-speed Internet access
  • Kitchenette
  • Student Lounge
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